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Professional Development for Coaches

Training as a coach is just the beginning of the journey

What's next for you as a coach?

Mentoring for ICF Credentials

ICF approved mentoring with personalised feedback on your coaching, through the lens of the ICF core competencies and minimum skills requirements, for your ACC credential. We'll review recordings of your coaching in a reflective space, so you can continue to develop your skills while preparing for your credential application.

Coaching Supervision

A supportive space for you to reflect on your work with your clients, and continue to grow as a coach. During our 1-1 supervision sessions you might choose to explore someting that's come up during your coaching sessions with clients, consider an ethical dilemma, or work on your continuous development as a coach and reflective practitioner.

Growing your portfolio

Whether you're just starting out or steadily building your practice, as you continue to grow and evolve as a coach, this coach development programme could be exactly what you need. A combination of coaching skills and resource development, coaching portfolio building and supervision, this programme will support you to grow.

Mentoring for ICF ACC Credentials

Preparing to apply for your first ACC credential, or getting ready to renew? This is for you.

What does mentoring for ICF credentials involve?

Although mentor coaching is a valuable process in any coaches development, we often don’t seek it out unless we are working towards ICF credentials. Instead choosing supervision as our usual reflective learning space.
If you’re applying for your first ICF ACC credential, or renewing your credential after three years, there’s a requirement to participate in at least ten hours of mentor coaching. Three of these hours must be 1-1. Whilst you can take seven of those hours as part of a group, many coaches prefer to take have all ten hours 1-1 so that the feedback and focus is specifically on their own coaching.
Mentor coaching consists of a collaborative process where we listen to recordings of you coaching your clients. You’ll be encouraged to reflect on your own coaching and how it aligns to the ICF core competencies, and I’ll be giving you feedback on the session as we listen to segments together.  I’ll also help you to become familiar with the ICF core competencies as well as the minimum skills requirements for ACC, so that you feel fully prepared for your ACC application.
Our sessions must take place over a minimum of three months.

Why work with me for your ICF Credential?

I qualified as a coach with Animas Centre for Coaching in 2015, and then worked with them as a mentor and group supervisor supporting their coaches-in-training. I’ve since become MD at Animas, which keeps me closely involved with ICF credentialing, ethics and competenices. Over the past few years I’ve evaluated hundreds of live or recorded coaching sessions for new and experienced coaches, and can offer crtitical, constructive feedback on coaching skills and ICF Core Competencies.

I continue to coach, mentor, and supervise as well as being part of Animas Centre for Coaching, fully immersed in the world of coaching. 

I’m an ACC coach in my second cycle (which means I’ve been an ACC for more than three years and have been through a renewal of my credential) and I’m currently waiting for the ICF to evaluate my recordings for a PCC credential.

As part of my own development I’m a member of the ICF, as well as the EMCC where I’m credentialed as a senior practitioner. I love working with other coaches on their development, and being an approved ICF Mentor Coach gives me an additional opportunity to do this.

ICF Mentoring Packages and Fees

All ICF mentoring packages include:

    • 1-1 Mentor Coaching to meet the ICF requirements
    • Developmental feedback on your recorded coaching sessions as well as an exploration of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics in readiness for the ACC credential
    • Resources to support your reflective practice and preparation for ICF credentialing
    • Support between sessions via email

Choose your package

    • ICF Mentor Coaching All-in-One Programme: The full ten hours of 1-1 ACC mentoring for first application or renewal – £1200
    • ICF Mentor Coaching Individual Requirement: Three one-hour sessions of 1-1 ACC mentoring for first application or renewal – £450

Book a free consultation call below, or email me at, and let’s talk about your next professional steps.

Coaching Supervision

Need a supportive, reflective space just for you and your coaching? This is for you.

What is coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision is a collaborative space where the coach and supervisor explore what’s happening for the coach in their practice, and provides an opportunity for the coach to reflect on their skills, growth, and relationship with their clients and the wider system.

Supervision is very much a partnership between coach and supervisor, but it isn’t simply coaching another coach. A supervisor will focus in the coaches work and their experiences, and will consider the wider system that exists around the coach and their clients.

A supervisor enables the coach to examine their coaching through different lenses, explore ethical dilemmas, and have an objective view of the coach-client relationship.

If you’re seeking to fully understand who you are as a coach, uncover your blindspots, and continue to grow as a coach in service of your clients and your own personal enjoyment of coaching, then supervision is for you.

Why work with me as your supervisor?

Since qualifying as a coach with Animas Centre for Coaching in 2015,  I worked with them as a mentor and group supervisor supporting their coaches-in-training. I’m now the MD at Animas, which keeps me closely involved with the professional bodies, and coaching ethics and competenices.

I qualified as a Coaching Supervisor with the International Centre for Coaching Supervision in 2020. I’m  an EMCC ESIA accredited coaching supervisor, with over 500 hours of supervision experience.

As with coaching, our supervision sessions are client-led. But this isn’t just coaching on your coaching, as I’ll bring my own experience to our sessions, as well as the professional ethical standards and norms.

Supervision Packages and Fees

How much supervision you’re looking for might depend on how much coaching you’re doing, and how many clients you have. If you’re coaching regularly then you might benefit from the annual programme, with the reassurance that you have a regular monthly session scheduled in. You still have the option if an extra session whenever you need it, maybe after a challenging coaching session or a particularly busy month.

    • Annual package including monthly supervision – £1500
    • Pay-as-you-go supervision – £150 per session

Both options include

    • One hour 1-1 online sessions
    • Resources to support your reflective practice
    • Support between sessions via email

Also available – Supervision of Supervision. Support and reflective practice for coaching supervisors.

Book a consultation call below, or email me at, and let’s talk about your supervision needs

Coach Momentum Programme

The complete package for a growing coach

Grow as a practitioner, grow your portfolio


Why join this programme?


Packages and Fees