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Coach Development

Coaching Supervision and ICF Mentor Coaching

ICF Mentor Coaching

If you’ve been coaching for a while you might be thinking about applying for professional credentials with the ICF, or maybe it’s time to renew or upgrade your existing credential.

Even seasoned coaches can find it tricky to navigate the credentialling requirements, and the idea of recording and reviewing your coaching sessions can feel nerve wracking.  Don’t worry, I’m here to support you with everything you need to cover the mentor coaching requirement for ICF ACC or PCC credentials, whether it’s your first credential, an upgrade, or a renewal.

Not only is mentor coaching a way to meet the credential requirements, it also gives you the opportunity to take a deep dive into your coaching and receive feeback. I’ll also help you to navigate the application process, which can seem confusing if you’re new to the ICF.

If your application includes the credentialling exam, I’ll also give you some pointers on exam preparation, as I’ve taken the new exam myself.

I’ve been mentoring and assessing coaches preparing for ICF accredited qualifications since 2018, so I’ve listened to hundreds of recorded sessions since then.  I’d be happy to help you prepare for your first, or next, professional coaching credential.

See below for fees, and book a consultation to explore further.

Coaching Supervision

An essential part of any coach’s professional practice, supervision is an opportunity for support, reflection, and growth.

Working with me as your supervisor, we’ll co-create a space for you to reflect on your coaching practice, view your client sessions from fresh angles, unpick ethical dilemmas, and explore emotions relating to your work.

If you’re working with coaching clients on a regular basis, supervision isn’t just important for you, but also for the clients you serve. If you’ve ever come away from a coaching session doubting yourself, wondering what you could have done differently, or feeling drained and overwhelmed, I’m here to support you. But supervision isn’t just restorative, it’s a safe space for you to grow as your coaching style evolves.

See below for supervision fees, and book a consultation to explore further.

Supervision Plus

Clients who work with me for mentor coaching towards ICF credentials are often surprised by how much they enjoy, and gain from, us listening to recorded coaching sessions together.  Despite that, it’s generally something we only do when working towards a qualification or a credential. In those scenarios, we’re usually viewing the coaching through a specific lens of ICF competencies, or qualification outcomes.

This unique blend of coaching supervision with observed coaching, provides you with the opportunity to access the restorative aspect of supervision, to explore client situations and ethical concerns as you would usually expect, while also bringing specific coaching recordings for us to observe together. This creates a space for noticing blindspots, patterns, areas for growth, or to identify skills to lean into.

Whilst we’ll be mindful of core coaching skills and ethical standards, the focus will on your own coaching style, rather than how your coaching compares with qualification or credential markers.

Supervision Plus is a truly comprehensive approach to your ongoing growth as a coach. See below for fees, and book a consultation to explore further.

Meta Supervision (Supervisor Supervision)

As a Coaching Supervisor, you’re part of a system that includes you, the coach, the coach’s client, and sometimes the client’s sponsor. A truly unique role in an often complex web of relationships.

Meta Supervision is a space for support, reflection, and growth that honours your unique role in that system, and the intricacies and challenges that come with it. In addition to exploring your supervisory relationships, we’ll also have the opportunity to view your work through the lenses of the EMCC Supervision Competencies, and the EMCC and ICF Codes of Ethics, for a comprehensive reflection on your supervision practice.

Mentoring and Supervision Fees

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