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Business Coaching

For emerging solo businesses and business owners

Working on yourself as you work on your business

Planning on starting a business but can’t get past the ideas stage? You’ll stay on track and get there faster with a coach to help you strategise and focus, while paying attention to your own needs as an emerging business owner too.

It can be easy to get caught up in being busy doing the things that don’t really move you forward. If you’re trying to start a business alongside a job, as well as all the other things in life that need your attention, then clarity and focus on the right things is even more important so you don’t spread your time and energy to thinly while exhausting yourself in the process.  Busy-ness, procrastination, and frustration are often symptoms of simply not knowing what you should really be focusing on.

I’ll help you develop a clear vision, strategy, and implementation plan, while doing the important inner work to become a resilient business owner.

I’ve made all the mistakes and learned from them, and have hands on experience of what its like to start from the ground up, from idea to reality when you’re the one doing everything yourself.

In 2015, after developing a strategy for a change of career and training in something completely new, I started my coaching and consultancy business. I now run this alongside being a Director at one of the UK’s top life coach training providers.

Over the years I’ve had to learn about strategy, marketing, sales, operations and finance. I want to share this with you and help you to focus on what’s important as you grow your business.

My former clients have started and grown a variety of businesses – coaching practices,  creative businesses,  and even a gundog training school.  What business are you creating?

Business coaching programmes include

  • Coaching as you plan and build your business
  • Two online 1-1  sessions every month
  • Mentoring on key business themes to focus your efforts in the right places
  • Co-creation of your 30, 60, 90 day strategy
  • Personal coaching for you as a business owner
  • 3 months £1800
  • 6 months £3600
  • 12 months £7000