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How are things running in your business right now?

Does this sound familar?

You’re the business owner, Founder or CEO of an SME, and you’re spending to much time in the weeds of your business, wishing you had more efficient systems and processes but not having time to develop them. You’re tired of firefighting, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to scale your business. You have a vision for the future of your business, or ideas that are still forming. But you’re too busy trying to hold all the moving parts together to find time to turn your vision into business outcomes in a predictable way, provide clarity of expectations for your team, and a consistent experience for your customers.

By optimising your business systems and processes, you’ll improve efficiency, cut costs, and improve customer experience.

Why enrol in the Operational Excellence Programme?

In my Operational Excellence Programmes I share the knowledge and experienced gained as Head of Operations at Animas Centre for Coaching, an organisation that delivers training and professional development to an international community of coaches. I’ve built systems and processes from scratch, and optimised existing processes. When you do this, you literally transform your business, and your life.

If you’re spending to much time ‘doing’, wishing you had more efficient systems and processes that fit together seamlessly, tired of putting out fires, or struggling to grow or scale your business, I can help.

A specialist in operations, and process design and improvement, my skill is in being able to see how the whole puzzle fits together, the big picture as well as the small detail. I delight in joining the dots and creating efficient, scaleable business systems and processes. Let me free up your time, improve efficiency, and reduce waste in your business.

What’s included in the programme?

Operational Excellence Programme

  • Review of the vision, strategy and organisational objectives
  • Audit of the current operational systems and processes
  • Reporting on effectiveness, efficiency, and waste
  • Recommendations for system optimisation, process improvement and waste reduction

Operational Excellence Premium Programme

Everything in the Operational Excellence Programme, plus select the solutions that matter most for your business:

  • Visionary:Integrator 1-1 consultations with the business owner/CEO
  • Strategy integration and implementation plan
  • Operational system and process design, development and implementation
  • Monthly group work for the executive and leadership team to ensure team alignment and momentum towards the business goals
  • 1-1 monthly executive and leadership coaching for the business owner and senior team
  • Process design and improvement training for your team