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About me

If you’ve looked around the site you’ll probably have a sense of who I am as a coach and mentor. 

My coaching and mentoring career began in 2015, and has led me into opportunities in the coaching world that I hadn’t expected, as well as giving me the chance to work with some amazing clients who have changed careers, started and grown businesses, or made significant changes in their lives. It really is a privilege to do this work.

One of the unexpected opportunities, after being a mentor for their coaches for some time, was becoming Head of Operations for Animas Centre for Coaching. I hadn’t realised until then that I had a talent for developing systems and processes. I’m practical, pragmatic and solution focused, so this was a good fit for me. More recently, I’ve moved into the Managing Director role at Animas.  I love how this keeps me immersed in the world of coaching, training, and accreditation, and fits so well alongside my own coaching and mentoring practice. I’m also working towards an ICF PCC coaching credential at the moment, and an EMCC ESIA Supervisor award.

I live in Hertfordshire in the South East of the England, so I’m never too far from the countryside. I’m mum to two grown up sons, and I’m an introvert who loves nature and crafts.

That’s me. I’d love to hear more about you, so if you fancy a virtual coffee scroll down to schedule a time. I’m always happy to tallk about coaching or business. If you’re interested to work with me, please schedule a consultation below, and we’ll go from there.

Ruth Randall Coach Mentor